Water Tank Guide

Metal Tanks and Poly Tanks Compared

There are a wide range of storage water tanks available in the market. These tanks are often used as rainwater tanks to store rainwater. How do you decide which water tank will suit your requirement? In this article we will give you a comparison of metal tanks and poly tanks. Then you can choose which ever type of tank is good for you. We will begin by outlining the features of metal and poly tanks.

old rusty metal water tank

Metal tanks are of two types. One is the stainless steel variety and the other is regular metal tanks. These stainless steel tanks are rust free. Metal tanks are usually huge in size because of which a huge amount of water can be stored in them. These stainless steel tanks are considered environment friendly and more often than not have a long life. Stainless steel tanks are recyclable. Metal water tanks are also comparatively cheaper. The water saved in a metal steel tank is healthy and better for consumption in a household. Very little maintenance is required in a metal tank. For example, see the range of tanks available from The Water Tank Factory. On the other hand regular metal tanks that are not made of stainless steel are hazardous since they can rust easily. This is unsafe and unhealthy. Metal tanks have the disadvantage of being heavier when compared to poly tanks. Poly water tanks though lightweight, are not as environment friendly. Poly tanks are easily moldable and are available in the latest and most efficient space saving designs and shapes. So if your house or commercial property does not have huge space, a poly rainwater tank is the best thing for you.

These tanks are have both corrugated and regular walls. The difference between corrugated walls and regular walls is the sturdiness. Corrugated wall water tanks Brisbane can bear huge amounts of pressure because of the technique with which they are molded (if you are situated in Brisbane you might want to take a look at the range of water tanks available locally: http://www.watertankfactory.com.au/Water-Tanks-Brisbane.php). Poly tanks are also available in a variety of shades and hues so that they can look good wherever placed. This should give you a good idea of what will better fit your necessities and can help you take a decision to buy a water tank that is useful to you